New Hope

New Hope has been a leader in providing comprehensive and effective treatment to young people and their families with mental health, behavioral, and/or substance abuse problems since 1971. New Hope is committed to providing gender specific services in an atmosphere of sensitivity and respect. All programs and services are provided in an age, gender, and culturally appropriate context that meets the individual social, clinical, and educational needs.

Guiding Principles

  • We believe that there must be honesty and integrity throughout our program with a respect for human worth, dignity, and potential.
  • We believe that the environment the services are provided in must be structured, caring, consistent, and humane.
  • We believe that relationships within the context of our program offer a primary key for change and that positive, healthy mentoring relationships are an important part of our treatment approach.
  • We encourage growth, independence, esteem, and respect.
  • We believe in the adherent goodness of the youth's we work with and the necessity to work with families and communities to help provide positive change for these youth.
  • We believe in respecting the diversity of the children and staff and seek to eliminate bias in regards to race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, or religious practice.
  • New Hope Manor
  • 60 Hilliard Street
  • Manchester, CT 06042
  • (860) 645-4900